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    Anna-Victoria Osborne, MDiv

    Anna earned her Master's degree in 2008 at the University of Denver's school of theology. Since then, she's worked as a spiritual counselor in clinical and community settings. She finally discovered what "makes her come alive" while working at Carolinas Medical Center, where she completed her Clinical Chaplaincy training. After working with patients in treatment, she realized her unique combination of professional training and life experience had been preparing her all along to do Clinical Spirituality for Recovery. Anna now focuses exclusively on individual coaching, spirituality lectures, and meditation/ yoga classes for those in recovery.


    Addictions ~ Codependency ~ Trauma ~ Anxiety ~ Depression ~ Bipolar

    Clinical Spirituality

    Through one-on-one sessions, I can assess a patient's spiritual health. I'm trained in a diverse heritage of spiritual traditions and philosophies, so I'm able to guide patients using universal spiritual principles. I coach patients in the development of spiritual practices that fit into their daily lives. Practices such as: prayer, meditation, spirituality of nature, spirituality of music and art, connecting with others, and transforming the Self. The first three steps of the 12-Step Program ask patients in recovery to be open to reliance on a Higher Power. One of my main objectives in working with newcomers is to address any beliefs and past experiences that may be obstacles on this journey.

    Mindfulness Meditation

    Research repeatedly demonstrates that a regular meditation practice, when incorporated into a recovery plan, significantly lowers relapse rates and improves likelihood of maintaining long-term sobriety (University of Washington Department of Psychology).

    In clinical groups and in educational classes, I teach students how to make this ancient practice practical for their modern lives. Throughout history, meditation has been used to care for the human soul in order to cope with difficulties and to improve overall well-being. I educate students on the basic mindfulness practices, including: Awareness, Non-judgment, and Self-Compassion. In addition to Mindfulness Meditation, I also teach variations of meditation, such as Inner Child Bonding and Guided Meditation.

    Yoga for Recovery

    There is a stronger link between childhood trauma and addiction than there is between obesity and diabetes. Two thirds of addicts report being abused as children. Currently, a consistent yoga practice is the only treatment method proven to shrink the size of the brain's amygdala, where trauma is stored (Restorative Yoga by Ulrica Norberg).

    Yoga for Recovery is traditional hatha yoga with a centering focus on a particular recovery topic. I am a certified yoga teacher with 200 hour training complete. My intention for teaching Yoga for Recovery is to provide students in recovery with a safe space with others who share a common goal. Yoga for Recovery is ideal for all levels of experience, and modifications are available to any students with physical limitations.




    CMC-Mercy Horizons Detox Unit

    "Anna, I want to thank you again for your visit to my room at Mercy. That brief conversation prompted me to do a lot of self-reflection while I was at rehab, and I even worked up what I'm calling an "emotional history map." It put a lot of my life into perspective and let me see my alcoholism in a new way.

    You know that I don't believe in a god, but I do believe that there are good and genuine people on this earth. I think you're one of them."


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    Self Love Reawakening Workshop

    February 13, 2022
    1:00 to 5:00pm
    Heart Chakra Meditation:
    We'll balance the heart chakra (Anahata).  You will learn how to use mudras, mantras, essential oils, chanting, and crystal stones to open your heart and improve your capacity for giving and receiving love.

    Bask in the beautiful gift of yoga as Anna-Victoria guides you in sacred movement and breath.
    All are welcome to taste a new twist by experiencing a gently guided uplifting and supportive class for all seasoned or new yogis. This is a nurturing class that will allow you to find a deeper connection and exploration by steeping in your own presence in fun, uplifting and subtle ways.

    Tantric Touch:

    Soul Writing: