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    Anna-Victoria Osborne, MDIV, CPE

    Working with me means engaging in heart-to-heart conversations that include spirit messages. During our sessions, I tune into you and your journey, and as I listen to your words, I begin to receive intuitive messages that I convey to you to assist with your healing and growth.

    As an intuitive and a clairsentient, I'm able to tune in to you so directly that I receive messages from your spirit team that are aimed to offer guidance, reassurance, and protection along your path. I am channeling these messages from a higher power. Our work together is driven by our energy and the ability to shift and shape our energy for healing and growth.

    Working with me feels multi-dimensional. We address your mental, spiritual, and emotional health.

    My work is based on the idea that when we return home to ourselves through meditation, surrender, movement, mindfulness, and shadow work, which is oh so necessary for true balance, we can heal ourselves mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. But it all starts with going inward and reconnecting with our own spirit.


    Inner Work is the spiritual practice of diving deep into your inner self for the purposes of healing and spiritual transformation.

    Your inner self consists of your hidden feelings, memories, thoughts, beliefs, prejudices, wounds, and shadows that influence your ability to transform and feel whole at a core level. By doing Inner Work, you will move past the fear, limitation, shame, anger, and loneliness that tend to plague us as human beings.

    Self Love Work

    Self-love is one of the more gentle inner work paths. But that doesn’t dilute or negate its importance. With the right training, self-love can go bone-deep and genuinely transform you at a core level.

    For those starting off on the inner work journey, I always recommend self-love as the best starting place. Without building a good relationship with yourself, the other forms of inner work may be too intimidating, too difficult, or plain old detrimental for your wellbeing.

    Self-love connects you with the deeper essence of yourself that is full of unconditional compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance (your Soul).

    Inner Child Work

    One level deeper is inner child work, a form of inner work that involves examining your childhood wounds, fears, and beliefs.

    To differing degrees, we all carry a wounded inner child. Our job as adults is to reconnect with this childlike part of ourselves, excavate old limiting childhood beliefs/fears, and integrate this delicate part of ourselves back into our personality structure.

    Your inner child is a source of tremendous creativity, joy, spontaneity, love, and wisdom. However, at the same time, your inner child can be a source of illogical obsessions, unshakable fears, neurosis, self-sabotaging behaviors, and limiting beliefs.

    Inner child work can rile up a lot of unfinished business. If you had an abusive childhood, you may feel a sense of disgust or looming fear towards this work (many do) or even toward your inner child. But as one who had a traumatizing childhood and who has done a lot of inner child work, I can tell you it’s absolutely worth all of the pain, tears, and anger. You need to purge that pain and not let it control you!

    Shadow Work


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